Ways to Address a Letter

There was a time when our grandparents wrote letters for all purposes. Letters to a friend, or family, letters to complain, someone, to condolence, or to invite somebody for vacations, letters to bank managers or school management, letters to thank people or to say sorry were usually very common. But nowadays instant messaging, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, and emails have replaced communication through letters. But still, letter is considered as the best formal way of communication between different portals. So you should at least be aware of the ways to address a letter. Learn more & more about How to Address a Letter!

Ways to Address a Letter

The structure and format of a letter depend upon the nature of your content. Letters could be formal or informal in nature. There are multiple ways to write a letter and we will discuss basic ways to address a letter:

The General Format of a Formal Letter

Generally, a formal letter includes business or official letters that follow a standard format which is mentioned below:

Your full address

Date of writing a letter

Person’s name to whom you are writing this letter

Complete address of the recipient

Respected (name of recipient),

The subject of a letter

The content of the letter


Yours Sincerely,

Your signatures

Your complete name with titles such as Mr., Mrs., or Ms.

Format of Formal Invitation

Invitation letters include wedding invitations, birthday party invitation, or any sort of celebrations.

Mr. and Mrs. Elfin Jonson

Request the pleasure of the company of

Mr. John and Guest

At the happy occasion of the marriage of their daughter Merry to Mr. Steward Smith

On Monday 15th August at 12 noon at Buckingham Palace, United States

Best Wishes.

A Letter to Say Thanks Someone for their Hospitality

It is mostly a handwritten letter that is written for a personal reason. There is no hard and fast rule to follow when you are writing an informal letter. This is not limited to a specific format but you can follow the below mention format.

Your Address

Current Date

Dear (name of recipient),

Thank you note with additional content

Yours sincerely or with love

Your name