Letter Address Format

In the current age writing letters seems to be old-fashioned and pointless due to the digital communication. People usually communicate through instant messaging and emails. But you cannot deny the importance of writing formal letters for business purposes. Such as it is important to know how to address a letter when you wrote a letter to hiring manager or when company write a letter to any potential client. In each business professionalism is a key. So you should at least know the way to address the letter formally.

Keep in mind the written address is a first impression of your letter if you do not write it properly, you thinks to be unprofessional. Let’s discuss the proper format of letter addresses.

An Address of the Formal Letter Should Contain Following Elements:

  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Your Phone N umber
  • Your Email
  • Current Date
  • Recipient Name
  • Title for Recipient
  • Company Address of Recipient
  • Phone Number of Recipient
  • Email of Recipient

The Way to Address Recipient:

It may be difficult for you to state the address of recipient professionally, no matter you knows them personally or not. For this purpose use the titles such as Mr., Mrs., Miss, Dr., and Professor before the first and last name of recipient. In case you do not know the gender of the recipient then simply write their first and last name. For good impression write a word like “Dear” before the name of recipient. If you don’t know who will receive your letter then try your best to figure out your recipient. If you fail to do so then use some of the following greetings as a positive gesture:

  • Dear Human Resource Manager
  • Dear Hiring Team
  • To the Person It May Concern

In Case you know the Name of Recipient:

  • Dear Mr. Edward John
  • Dear Miss. Elisa Smith

After addressing recipient now it’s time to conclude your letter. Use the words like sincerely, truly, respectfully as a final remarks. Below this write your first and last name and leave a space for your signatures.