How to Address a Letter You Don’t Know Who the Recipient is

Writing a letter with full name salutation to the HR Manager is a good way but what to do if you do not know the name of the person to whom your letter would be delivered. You can’t show gave an impression as you don’t have enough information about the company especially when you are applying for the job. In this case have a look to some tips that would be helpful for you to write a letter to an unknown person.

If you are writing a letter to hiring manager avoid writing it in a generic way. It is quite outdated method so try something valuable and new. As we know there are bundles of letters received by hiring department so try to be unique and do a good homework for being selected.

Generally, people use salutation like Dear Sir/ Madam, but it seem illogical because you don’t know the gender of the recipient. It also does not sounds good for large scale companies. Key of success is to be precise and specific.

Use Appropriate Salutations to related department for example if you are applying for Senior Analyst Job then write letter directly to the Senior Analyst Hiring Manager. But if you are applying for accountant job then write letter to Financial Officer. For this purpose gather enough data about company, create a list of executives and locate someone whom you will write a letter. It would be a good option to write a letter to an individual rather than sending it generally. Finally when you have select your destination but still you are unaware from the name of the recipient then use appropriate salutations. If you are confused in choosing good salutation then nothing to worry because here are some best options of salutations for unknown recipient.

  • “Dear Hiring Manager”
  • “Dear Human Resource Manager”
  • “Dear Hiring Team”

Format of the Letter

Your full name

Your full address

Your phone number

Your email

Your city, state zip code

Current date

Dear Hiring Manager,

“Write Precise and to the point content of a letter”

Yours sincerely,

Your signature.