How to Address a Letter with a PO Box

Accurately addressing a letter to Post Box Office can be helpful for sending a letter to exact destination. The method of addressing PO Box may seem unimportant to you but in business world even these small things effects your professional image. Moreover exact addressing will speed-up the letter delivery process. According to United States Postal Service (USPS) correctly write the PO Box number and other mailing details is an excellent approach. So next time when you are addressing a letter to client, contractor, company, or any other business firm add accurate PO Box number and mailing details.

What to Choose Street Number or P.O. Box Number?

If you are addressing a letter to any client then don’t use both of them, infect choose one of them. If you choose to write P.O. Box then write it as it is because it is unique for every compartment. But in case you choose street address then write directions as well such as NW for Northwest.

Periods or Abbreviations:
Now the question is how to write P.O. Box, so according to the USPS recommendations don’t use periods or commas infect use abbreviations such as write it as “PO BOX”, and not to write as “P.O.  BOX.”

Position of P.O. BOX Number in the Block of Address:

The positioning is very important such as start the mailing address with the name of the recipient then writes the business name, if applicable. Now write post box office number and after that include city, state and zip code.




PO BOX 234


According to United States Postal Service it is recommended to write all the words in capital letters and align them at left position. Do not use commas and periods. Similarly write the return address on the top left corner of the envelope.

Improve Readability:

Generally there are plenty of mails and letters come and go to any business firm. So it is quite impractical to write address by hand. Most probably use printer to label the address properly that will increase the efficiency and readability.