How to Address a Letter to an Apartment

It is necessary to write correct address of apartment for successful delivery to exact location. Most probably people wrote number of apartment in the same line where street number is written with the keyword of “Apt” or a symbol of hash.

If you wrote a proper address of apartment then your letter will reach to its exact location successfully and it also helps to speed up the process of delivery. If you are sending any official document or personal information then it became more important to address it properly. Following steps will help you to determine how to address a letter to an apartment:

Select Proper Envelope:

Most commonly, informal letters are send in white recycled paper envelopes. But if the communication require protection then use waterproof envelopes. You can also have priority mail envelopes for bills, account statements, or any official documents. These priority mail envelopes can be bought from nearby Book Store.

Format to Write Proper Address of Apartment

Write the address of apartment in below mentioned format:

  • Name of the Recipient or Company
  • Building Number and Street Number, Apartment Number
  • City, State and ZIP Code

Write the apartment number right after street number. A keyword of “Apt” can be used instead of Apartment. Similarly the abbreviation of “Ste” can be used for Suite. For example “51 Main Street Apt. 301” Or “51 Main Street Ste. 301”. Avoid the use of commas and periods in address. If the available space is not enough to write a keyword “Apt” then you can simply replace it with the symbol of hash such as “51 Main Street #301”. To increase readability you can use printer to type the address rather than typing it by hand. But if you are writing it by hand then must ensure to write it clearly with sharp pen so that the address could be readable.

To find out the ZIP code visit United States Postal Service (USPS) and avail ZIP Code Lock up Service.


Dear Mr. Silvester

Clock Tower 33 Main Street Apt. 514

Washington DC 9018