How to Address a Letter to a Family

Addressing a letter to a single person is quite simple, all you need to know is the name of the person and you are ready to go. But addressing a letter to a family is somehow different manner. There are multiple ways to address a letter to your family, and all are easy to understand and follow. Following are some guidelines that should be followed when you are addressing a letter to a family:

Write Surname at the Top:

If your letter is for entire family then simply write the surname or family name at the first line of your letter rather than writing the name of any individual. This letter is general purpose letter such as letter for greetings, invitation letter, or condolence letters etc. for example if you are writing a letter to Emma and Steward and their children then start your letter with “The Steward Family”.

Use Plural of the Family Name:

It is good approach to use plural of the surnames such as if you are writing a letter to the John family then you can use “The Jones”. In the entire letter you can use plurals to point all members simultaneously.

Similarly another way is to use the names of specific family members such as you can start writing a letter by parent name or titles of family like Mr. and Mrs. Jim.

If it is an invitation letter then write the names of the children followed by parents’ names such as:

  • and Mrs. Jim
  • Ellison and John

Alternatively you can send a separate letter to the children above 18. For this purpose you can use inner and outer envelope. Address the outer envelope for the parents and inner envelope for the children.

Stamp on Return Envelope:

It seems to be a symbol of courtesy to include a stamp on the return envelope of your letter. No matter whom you are writing this letter pre-stamping considered as a sign of respect and concern. These stamps are not expensive so you can include return envelope stamps if you are addressing a letter to a family.